Gadwin PrintScreen

Gadwin PrintScreen 6.5

Capture a selected area of your desktop as an image using keyboard shortcuts

Gadwin PrintScreen can help you capture still images directly from your computer’s screen, and it includes some features that make it more convenient than simply using the PrtScr key. The application is, fortunately, a very light one, so it is no problem to let it run from the System Tray. When the tool is active, it can detect such key combinations as PrtScr, Ctrl + PrtScr, and Shift + PrtScr, to grab the whole screen, the active window or a selected rectangular area. In addition, you can take sequences of captures at customized intervals.

It is good news that the product does not only capture images from the screen but also lets you do some additional editing, which includes cropping, resizing and adding effects. Likewise, you can rotate and flip the picture as well as make annotations on it.

The application supports saving the images in various of the most popular formats, such as BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF. In all cases, you can set various output parameters, like resolution and quality. Another way to share the results is by sending them over an email or directly to a printer.

Compared with other tools intended for a similar purpose, Gadwin PrintScreen has some limitations. For instance, it cannot grab images from a scrolling area or take videos of any kind. Still, I will not discourage you from trying it to see if it suits your needs. The program has two versions. The one described here is absolutely free but there is also a Pro version which does have a cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Inbuilt picture editor
  • Scheduling
  • Programmable hotkeys


  • Cannot capture video
  • Cannot grab scrolling areas
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